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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Year In Review. Blog meme.

Snitched from Keith's blog
Rules: Post the first sentence of your first journal entry for each month in 2005.

January 2005: This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

February 2005: The City awakes ... and traffic is moving east to west across the upper deck of the bridge.

March 2005: Photo Tuesday theme: Down [31 Jul 2004, San Francisco] A look down the Filbert Steps through the Grace Marchant public gardens.

April 2005: I've been playing with Google Maps today.

May 2005: Yesterday the same mover guys who moved six hundred boxes of books last month showed up again, at 8A.

June 2005: [otherwise occupied - out of the country, out of town, out of my mind]

July 2005: Come Monday 10-2, the Comcast Guy will be here.

August 2005: Madhukar Shukla's Creative Muse is an entertaining collection of descriptions of the mind spasms that resulted in rubber heels, the Band-Aid, the sewing machine and more.

September 2005: You know you've done something right when (1) you get a note from the younger younger one saying, "I am trying to find ways I can help out the hurricane victims and since you told me once not to donate money cause you would do that and really its kind of your money anyways, I was wondering if you know of places I might be able to help out in boston, i already asked the red cross but they have a lot of people helping already.

October 2005: "Home again, home again, riggety jig" ... as my DOD used to say.

November 2005: A major tree was down by the end of yesterday.

December 2005: Keeping up my lists of blogs and interesting sites was tedious with the design I'd set for the blog.

Wooo. Exciting posts 'r' us!

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