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Friday, February 03, 2006

GoStats gone missing

I am like totally bummed.

GoStats has gone missing.

First, the stats were gone and there was a [missing image] in lieu of my numbers here and at internet-resources.com. Now the site itself is gone, gone, gone.

I am that close to having my 200,000th visitor to the writerly swarm of links and was going to celebrate the odometer ticking over.

Here's hoping gostats comes back. If not, I'll add a different counter over the weekend and start again from zero.

UPDATE: GoStats is back and I hadn't remembered the upcoming milestone for the writerly swarm of links, obviously. It wasn't 200,000 I was waiting for, it was 400,000. The hit counter stands at 384,900 hits since Nov 1, 2001. I should hit 400,000 in another couple months.

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