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Sunday, February 12, 2006

'Lost' manuscript valued at £1m

A BBC article dated 9 Feb 2006 begins,

A "lost" science manuscript from the 1600s found in a cupboard in a house during a routine valuation is expected to fetch more than £1m at auction.

The hand-written document - penned by Dr Robert Hooke - contains the minutes of the Royal Society from 1661 to 1682, experts said.

It was found in a house in Hampshire, where it is thought to have lain hidden in a cupboard for about 50 years.


Bonham's is auctioning off the document on 28 March in London.

The Royal Society is hoping for a "white knight" to come along, buy the piece and share it.

Bill & Melinda, where are you? Wouldn't this make a nice companion piece to da Vinci's Codex Leicester?

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