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Friday, May 05, 2006

A DIRTY JOB -- for those what wonder

I read Christopher Moore's latest (A DIRTY JOB) in between bouts of napping and simply curling up on the sofa while we were away last weekend visiting grandbabies and family, adjusting to my changed universe.

Moore's latest made me sniffle when it whacked me sideways about losing someone you dearly love, made me laugh out loud with some of the antics, amused me no end with the San Francisco insider crap and nods.

"She laughed. She cried."

I did.

Moore's "author's notes" are spot-on.

I love this book. It was just what I needed, what anyone needs who's lost a loved one. If you don't have your emotions that painfully close to the surface, you'll enjoy the book for its humor and its sense of place, its soap-eating, bubble-blowing Hounds of Hell and its very young demi-protagonist.

I loved the book.

Buy the book.

Give the book to friends.

Moore's books are always keepers.

This one too.

Thank you, Christopher Moore. A DIRTY JOB was precisely what I needed.

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