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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Drawbacks of the coastal Left Coast

No lilac hedges. No cold snaps. No cold. No real lilac bushes.

I stop by my mom's and clip her a snip from the lilac bush I gave her an age ago. My mom loves lilacs, has forever, which is why I indulged her.

This year, perhaps because of the rain and weather, she has maybe twelve twigs on the shrub with flowers on 'em.

I clip one and put it in a small vase and we leave it until the smell is all gone, then we snip another.

Twelve twigs with lilacs on 'em.

The mother of the wonderful sprogs who lives where it winters in winter has a couple of lilacs against her back fence. We visited this past weekend to find the redbud blooming and everything else as well ... including the lilac hedges along the highways and byways and in TMOTWS's backyard.

TMOTWS has two wonderful lilac bushes growing up against her back fence. TMOTWS's lilacs are huge and bushy and COVERED with blooms. The lilacs are lovely ... all due to the frost and cold that TMOTWS has to live through each winter.

My mum would be so jealous of the lilacs in TMOTWS's backyard. Do I dare tell her?

I don't dare.

I think maybe I'll just clip another twig of lilac when I visit tomorrow and show her pictures of the sprogs.

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