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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Memes 'r' us, Take 2

Borrowed from Ms Lippman

I am: the Walrus, boo boop dee do
I want: a lot of things in life, most of which are unnecessary, unreachable or just plain dumb.
I wish: I were in a better space right now.
I hate: hate and the way negative vibes make my soul feel icky.
I love: my adopted hometown and the motley group of people in it, except for her and him and that guy over there, leaning against the fence.
I miss: more than you'll ever know.
I fear: making a mess of things.
I hear: bells from down at the Ferry Building -- a fake campanile, but not so fake that it can't be enjoyed.
I wonder: at people some times. Whatever was he thinking when he thought that would be a good idea? Why did that girl just toss her candy wrapper on the ground? Yo, who made you the Lord of All Things?
I regret: a lot of things, but I wouldn't be where I am today if I'd spent my life any differently.
I am not: who some people think I am. What's up with that?
I dance: alone, when there's no one home. I should've been Juliet Prowse.
I sing: alone, when there's no one home. I should've been Patsy Cline or Peggy Lee.
I cry: easily these days -- at the drop of a hat. I'm hoping that will not last.
I am not always: as kind as I could be, as smart as I could be, as wise as I could be.
I make with my hands: pine needle baskets
I write: almost daily.
I confuse: idle Web surfing with research that might come in handy some day.
I need: space, quiet time, peace.
I should: get organized, finish the book, plant that half-flat of impatiens, stop thumping on myself for things that aren't done.
I start: with hopes fresh, new blank notebooks. This time truly I will get all my to-do lists and other bits of information in one place. That lasts about half a week.
I finish: what I start. Mostly. If it's important..
I tag: you.

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