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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Memes 'r' us. First up ... the alphabet meme

Stolen from Sarah Louise, who doesn't know me from Jake.

Accent: None, and don't tell me I talk like an American, please. I have that plain vanilla Northern California vibe except that I say "aunt" not "ant" and "stripe-ed" not "striped" "apricot" not "ape-ricot" but my way's the right way so nyah.
Booze: Single malt scotch, sipping tequila, or Zin
Chore I Hate: Cat box, but "hate" is a little too over the top.
Dog or Cat: The cat belongs to the younger nib. When the younger nib will come and take her away and give her a good home is anyone's guess. He's been off at school for four years and plans to be three thousand miles away for at least another ...
Essential Electronics: Computer. Refrigerator. Microwave. Music. ... but "essential"? Nothing, really. I could live without the computer. Honest!
Favorite Perfume: Roger & Gallet or 4711 cologne. Favorite scent, which unfortunately I've never found in a perfume, is Daphne odora. Orange blossoms are nice too. Ginger blossoms.
Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold, usually
Hometown: Spent most of my growing up years in San Jose, CA, and vicinity.
Insomnia: Figured it out, thanks. No longer a problem.
Job Title: dilettante
Kids: grown
Living arrangements: Someone with heart problems or grossly out of shape wouldn't be happy here.
Most admirable traits: Secrets are safe with me. Empathy. Simple, creative solutions. Resilient. Authentic.
Number of sexual partners: One at a time.
Overnight hospital stays: I don't like them -- not for me, not for someone I love.
Phobias: I don't have phobias, but I fret more than I should over things I can't change and things of no consequence.
Quote: "Just get it down on paper, and then we'll see what to do about it." -- Maxwell Perkins
Religion: Nothing organized. Raised Methodist, but then I was raised Republican too and look where I am.
Siblings: Fourth of six. The three oldest died as adults: the oldest, a brother, by suicide at age 29, the next oldest, a sister, three years later when she was 29 and the car she was in was hit by a drunk driver, the third, a brother, from cancer twenty-three years later, when he was 50. I would be an entirely different person if any or all of those siblings were alive. My two younger siblings are a sister two years younger and a brother seven years younger.
Time I wake up: Depends in large part on when I went to bed the night before. I tend to rise early.
Unusual talent or skill: I can rattle off pi to twenty-two places. My oldest brother thought it was cute to drill that into me when I was eight years old. Prehensile toes. I make killer cream puffs and cheese danishes ... from scratch.
Vegetable I love: parsnips with butter

Update:Another blog had this same meme but "V" was "Vegetable I hate:" to which I say, um, okra, maybe. I've had okra I liked, but seldom. I'm not a huge fennel (finocchio) fan either.

Worst habit: Falling into the rabbit hole called WWWeb in lieu of doing what I should be doing. I [heart] Tim Berners-Lee.
X-rays: Teeth, mostly, except for the couple times I had pneumonia.
Yummy foods I make: Oh. This is where I put the killer cream puffs and cheese danishes.
Zodiac sign: Leo Dragon.

Tagging ... you.


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