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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More pics of Venice

Canal shot   Posted by Picasa

Grand Canal. Hotel Marconi. Taken from the Rialto Bridge.  Posted by Picasa

Canal shot.  Posted by Picasa

Canal shot.  Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Did I like the fact that there are no cars in the city and all transportation is by foot or by water? Um. Could be!

Botanical humorist at work.   Posted by Picasa

I could spend some serious time here ...  Posted by Picasa

Man selling pigeon feed in San Marco's Square  Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Another house on a side canal. One of many canal-side buildings in Venice where the first floor has been abandoned or is used (carefully, with precautions for flooding) only for storage.

Acqua alta, the curse of Venice.

Venice is sinking. Come enjoy it while you can. Here's hoping we find some way to keep it afloat.

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