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Monday, August 21, 2006

Fireworks but no pics

For the second time within the week -- that we know of -- there was a huge fireworks display over at Treasure Island, north of the Admin building.

The first one we saw was Saturday night. (Well, first you hear them going boom! boom! Then you go over to the windows to see if the Giants are blowing off fireworks at the ballpark which, if they are, you can't really see them, but you can see the flareups on the cloud cover. Nothing from the ballpark end of town, then Oooooh! Pretty! Look, Eunice! Fireworks over at Treasure Island!)

Last night we were on the way home from a party friends had thrown in the south bay, so there might've been fireworks or not. Tonight we heard the boom! boom! again -- louder than before -- sounding more like explosions closeby.

Tonight, I had my camera out, set to the "fireworks" scene setting, but I was hoping that holding the camera steady on a railing might work and I was too rushed to pull out the tripod and set everything up. Everything was blurry and none of the pics really captured how cool the fireworks were.

We heard neighbors applaud after the grand finale.

We thought the show might be the pyrotechnic guys in town for their annual convention again (last convention with accompanying razzle dazzle was September 2005), but we couldn't find hide nor hair of explanation anywhere in our web wanderings.

So, instead of the fireworks pics I'd planned to post, here is a pic from a set I made August 10th, when we went out for the day on Pablo's boat with Pablo and the lovely and charming Ellyn. We spent the day hanging around Ayala Cove, Angel Island, picky nicking before heading back to South Beach harbor. Quiet day at the cove. Sunny. No fog whatsoever either coming or going.

Cupid's Span by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, on the Embarcadero, public art I've mentioned before.

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