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Thursday, August 03, 2006

[URL] Anna L. Conti, San Francisco Artist

Came across the Web site today of Anna L. Conti, San Francisco Artist, through a SiteMeter reference. Seems Anna referenced one of my blog posts last August on her blog. Someone clicked that link today and visited here. Serendipity doo dah.

Took me forever to find the reference when I backtracked into her blog because I was looking for a "Sal said" or "Towse had" sort of reference and the reference was a link in a mention of how San Francisco has more great bookstores per capita than anywhere else in the country.

I enjoyed looking through her portfolio.

I also like her blog which is a leisurely wander and ramble through how Conti creates and the galleries she visits and business and meanderings about life. Come on in. Set your feet up. Have a cup. Let me tell you about my life.

Conti paints cityscapes, life around town, other scenes. She has a wide range of work. Doggie Diner fans, be sure to check out her whole series of Doggie Diner acrylics.

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