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Thursday, August 24, 2006

"an oppressively compendious list of writers' resources"

I got here, the way I usually get somewhere.

I was off tracking down whether Caitlin Blasdell (former Harper Prism editor, now agenting with Liza Dawson Agency and, it turns out, Charlie Stross' agent) had a Web site.

She doesn't, but I came across Kathryn Cramer's Web site which had a collection of links to "literary agent info" which had a link to Neil Gaiman's Journal and a post titled Everything you wanted to know about literary agents....

I'm reading through Gaiman's post which includes a long and detailed response on the getting of agents and agenting that he'd solicited from Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

... and somewhere in the bits of information and list of resources, in a category labelled "Miscellaneous," TNH mentions Internet Resources for writers, describing it as "an oppressively compendious list of writers' resources."

I'm sure she meant "oppressively compendious" as the bestest of compliments.

Ah, the sweet fragrance of laurel leaves.

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