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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Manuel Guerzoni's San Francisco Daily Photography, San Francisco Photos

San Francisco Daily Photography, San Francisco Photos by Manuel Guerzoni

"this site is about photographs. i add a little bit of information with each one but i'm always careful about not giving too much away: i really want for the photos to speak, not the words. all photos were shot in the city of san francisco, there has been no photos posted from surrounding areas (maybe some day i will, but for right now, this site is about the city). no archive photos are being posted, each photo posted was taken the day before, or occasionally, a few days before. all photos are candid and undergo post-processing as i shoot almost everything in raw format. except for the few photos where i experimented selective coloring, only white balance is being adjusted during post-processing, or conversion to black&white with adjustment of contrast on some of them. photos can be browsed using the browse link in the top right corner."

"Browse" is sorted by architecture, abstracts, people, black and white, and scapes.

Some photos are titled. A map click shows you approximately where the photo was taken. Use the labelled arrows to click through the day-to-day or simply click on the photograph to move one day backward.

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