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Thursday, May 13, 2004


The more observant will notice that I use blogrolling.com to maintain my lists of hot crossed sites and hot crossed blogs.

Earlier today blogrolling.com (now owned by those whacky folks at tucows.com) went south and my lists vanished. The blogrolling.com site vanished altogether and, oddly enough -- being as they're owned by two different entities -- blogger.com went flaky as well. I couldn't use Blogger's "preview" feature, my "publish" efforts didn't seem to take and then took all at once giving me four copies of a given post, and my handy-dandy [Blog This!] button stopped working.

My blogrolling lists are back now but a visit to blogrolling.com triggers a fatal error. Ooops. May have spoken too soon. The last visit triggered a 404, which means we're back where we were an hour or two ago.

In any case, while I had a chance I snagged off my list of blogrolling links and embed the lists in my template (as I'd been doing before finding blogrolling). I'll probably only use blogrolling from now on to collect "new" links, and set up some sort of schedule to update the template with new links.

update: blogrolling is back (sort of) which gives me a duplicate set of the links. I can get to blogrolling.com, but when I try to get to my account to clearout the list blogrolling keeps, the error I get is "Got error 127 from table handler."

So for now, I'm going to leave this as it now is and check back until I catch the window where I can clear out my old blogrolls and start fresh.

further update: blogrolling came back sufficiently for me to flush my blogrolling lists. Now I'll use blogrolling for "new" sites and periodically update the lists on the templates to include the new links.

Ain't computers wonderful?

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