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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Google Alert - automated ego surfing

GoogleAlert is an automated Google search that sends "new" results to you by e-mail.

Want to know who's mentioning you on the Web but don't have time to parse through the Google search results to find "new" mentions? Signup for Google Alert, pop oh-say /"sal towse"/ or /link:www.towse.com/ into the search settings, select how many results you want sent at a time and how often to run the automatic searches, and sit back. GoogleAlert will e-mail you results whenever anything new pops up on their radar.

Some times GoogleAlert comes up with results where you just have to wonder why it took them so long to notice such-and-so site had mentioned you. Other times, GoogleAlert comes up with mentions you probably would never have seen -- http://www.fusion.com.au/f3/q/news/display.taf?fn=detail&iss=41, for example.

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