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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Theme Thursday

I really need to get a digital camera -- just a cheap one, maybe, to play with. The Fry's ad last Sunday, or maybe it was the Office Max ad, had a cheap digital camera for $10 with rebates. His nibs asked if all the connectivity ware &c. was included at a price like that.

Beats me. I just know the time is ripe. I've been thinking about getting a digital camera for going on five, six years now. We were on a trip in China back in ... 1998, I think it was -- Shanghai and the gardens in Suzhou, Wuhan, up the Yangtze and through the Three Gorges (before the dam) to Chongqing and down to Chengdu, Hong Kong. One of our fellow travellers was having fun with his then cutting-edge digital camera. That looks interesting, I thought at the time. Some day, I thought.

The prices keep dropping. The cameras keep getting better. I wouldn't pop for a top-of-the-line right now, but maybe something inexpensive to play with and take quick pix, maybe something inexpensive so if I decide to sell something on eBay I'll be able to include a picture with the description. I really need to get a digital camera so when I'm tapped to take pictures of the new Foothill Club members at the orientation meeting (as I was yesterday), I can take a bucketload and erase the ones that don't turn out and not have to take the film to Costco and wait a couple days for developing ('cause I'm too cheap to pay for one-hour processing) before I see whether any of the pictures turned out. It's that immediate gratification thing, isn't it?

The real reason, though, I need to get a digital camera is so I can take part in q & a : the photographic interview and Theme Thursday and other community photo shoot-outs.

Theme Thursday publishes a new theme every Thursday, and photographers have a week to upload their pictures. Last week's theme was "purple."

The irises I've been nurturing from little bits of rhizome -- shared out with sibs after we split up our mother's irises last fall -- are sending up their first flower spikes. The first bud opened yesterday and two other plants have buds that are shooting up as we speak. The iris that opened yesterday is a beautiful white iris with deep, deep purple edging -- perfect for last Thursday's theme, but last Thursday's theme will be replaced with a new theme tomorrow.

I really need to get a digital camera.

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