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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Peregrines thrive amid high-rises

According to KCBS this morning (in a news item probably lifted from the Chron), peregrine falcons are thriving amid the high-rises in downtown San Francisco and, in fact, are nesting at the PG&E HQ at Beale and Mission.

The word is that the skyscrapers are a lot like cliff edges and the pigeon population makes for wonderful snacking.

Thirty-some years back there were two pairs of nesting peregrines in the state. The species was facing extinction because DDT weakened the peregrine egg shells and eggs were smashing before the eyasses hatched. DDT was banned in 1972 and now there are more than 220 pairs of nesting peregrines in the state with the numbers increasing.

I knew those pigeons were good for something.

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