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Saturday, June 05, 2004

The 10 Best Internet Fads

The Wave Magazine -- a local Bay Area phenom -- has an article by Seanbaby this issue titled The 10 Best Internet Fads.

Bet you'd forgotten about Bonsai Kitten.

Seanbaby tells us that there are 25,580 Google matches for "bonsai kittens" and 277 matches for "bonsai kittens" on the same page as "hitler."

From the article:

While Japanese workers are slaving away for 22 hours a day, pausing only to rest in cybersleep tubes while they’re injected with fortified protein worker paste, the American workforce is angling its monitor away from its boss and passing around a video of a fat chick falling off a motorcycle. It is hard to quantify exactly how much better off our economy would be if our workforce didn’t have to spend precious time trying to download the Bananaphone song, but when asked to quantify the loss in American productivity, a spokesman for the Treasury Department told us, "I’ve searched for 'Paris video,' 'Hilton sisters nude,' and 'night vision nasty' and still can’t find it!"

Your tax dollars at work.

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