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Monday, June 14, 2004

So call me easily amused

When times are slow and/or I'm waiting for something or someone, I sometimes check in with SiteMeter to see who's been visiting the blog and from whence the visitor(s) came.

My most recent check, within the last hour, served up the following:

paulalight.blogspot.com still reigns supreme of all referers. Thanks, Paula!

Someone stopped by with an MSN search for /aligngifcentre/.

Someone else found the blog with a Google search for /stuart brioza/ -- he, who with Nicole Krasinski, makes Rubicon such a fine place to dine. We're eating there Friday night with Steve and Paula, have I mentioned? (No, not that Paula.)

A Google search for "skate wing" brought a visitor. Arleen (Tuesday's Child) sent someone along, mayhap herself.

An Eniro.se search for /Chile Prospects hells angels/ brought someone to the blog. Bet they were surprised.

Someone else found me with an MSN search for /wwwnews 11.com/ Hm. I'm sure they were looking for the ABC affiliate in the Bay area but they got a little number about Tim B-L's blog instead.

An AOL search for /www.anss.org/ brought someone interested in seismology. A visitor referred by sceloporus hippolytis, another from Arleen, multiples from Paula.

What to make of it all? Nothing much. I'm simply curious, poking through the referrals, reading the entrails, wondering about my visitors.

El Raigon searches bring the highest percentage of random searchers these days.

I continue to be intrigued by the steadfast faithfulness of, who visits often to check out my blog updates.

Gee, a fan. ... from Philadelphia. No, not W.C. Fields. Hi!

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