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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Haiku for Scalzi

Scalzi's giving away Gmail accounts to the four most amusing (his determination) haikus left on his comments thread between now and tomorrow (that's Wednesday 16Jun2004) noon (that's EDT).

The haiku must describe the poster's "rapturous love of cheese."

His example?

Mmmmm, Velveeta cheese
Saffron-colored block of goo
Microwave friendly!

Find the contest at Scalzi's WHATEVER, more specifically http://www.scalzi.com/whatever/archives/000934.html

Haven't been able to get to the site for the last hour or so. Maybe I shouldn't've told two million lurkers about the opportunity, but I have my Gmail account already and even have some spares for family and friends, so here's my haiku with no expectation of a Gmail account in return. (It's not amusing and it doesn't fully describe my "rapturous love of cheese" either.)

mid-summer evening
good friends. ripe brie. old vines zin.
crickets chirp. full moon

Which reminds me. It's time for supper.

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