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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Web quizzes

I'm entertained by Web quizzes and I'm drawn to them even though most are so amateur and ham-handed the results mean nothing at all.

The primary question is, "Who wrote the quiz?" 'tis one thing if you have someone who half knows what he's doing, providing a shortened Myers-Briggs questionnaire. 'tis another thing altogether when you have a thirteen-year-old who's cranking out ten quizzes a day with titles like

Are You Addicted to IM?
what football player are you
Which band are you?
Which "Pretear" character are you?
What kind of kiss are you?
If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
which happy bunny are you?

OK. So I'm also a bit of a spelling and grammar snob. Go further into some Quizilla quizzes ... e.g. (from "What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)")

Its the weekend now... What are you using your spare time for?
1) Drawing, Writing
2) Sitting in the Park
3) Church ^_^ and prayer.
4) Im evaluating employees for my boss.
5) Im in my room listening to my CDs
6) Coaching a group of little soccer players.
7) Im reading with intervals of tonail painting ^_^.
8) Playing with knives/ razorblades
9) Im trying to get what I want from those pathetic specimens I call parents.
10) Im torutring my younger siblings. Aww quit crying! I hate it when they cry within the first five minutes! It ruins the challenge.
11) Im...doing...something?
12) Im at the beach.

sigh ...

Web quizzes are a bit like horoscopes, Lilian Jackson Brauns and soft-centered chocolates. Too many'll make me feel sickish and even just a few leave me with a "Whyever did I spend time doing that?" feeling.

When I read someone's blog and see an interesting "I taste like tea" quiz result, I more often than not wander over to see what the quiz is all about, but holey-moley, I can't try every quiz I see. I could spend my entire online time tracking down and taking quizzes. Quizilla alone claims to have 500360 quizzes online.

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