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Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Menu For Hope: Rihaku Shuzo "Dreamy Clouds" Sake

I link to Alder Yarrow's Vinography: a wine blog over there >>>. But wait, there's more to it than that.

Today is our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary, which means I've now spent half my life married to his nibs. No longer a twenty-six-year-old wife I be. I like to think I'm more charming and interesting than I was then. I certainly have a lot more life experience.

In honor of the day tonight, we are going off to a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, a dinner that will pair David Kinch, whose restaurant (Manresa) it is, with Alder Yarrow, who has chosen the wines for the meal.

We chose the dinner because Kinch is creating the food and we would've probably been having dinner at Manresa in Los Gatos to celebrate the anniversary anyway. We've been eating Kinch's culinary treats since he made his magic at Sent Sovi. Having the Alder matchup was such an added pleasure. I've had Alder on my blogroll since I first stumbled over him and found it an amazing coincidence that the two had paired up. I shouldn't have been surprised: sometimes it seems the folks who hang out in the Bay Area all know each other.

Example: At a dinner at Manresa last summer, I bumped into someone I know from San Francisco who posts to rec.arts.mystery and whom I see at Bouchercon. He was *way* away from anywhere I'd expected to see him. Turns out he and his partner drive down to Kinch's on occasion for dinner. Sixty miles! and then home another sixty miles to lay down their weary heads! Are they nuts?

Or is Kinch's food just that good?

In any case, I was wandering through Alder's blog today in anticipation of dinner tonight and came across this. Not only are there interesting recipes, but also the recipes are provided by food bloggers. All for a good cause.

A Menu For Hope

Thought you might find the recipes and the bloggers interesting.

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