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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Two trunks down ... more to go.

So. How's the house coming, you want to know?

Last Friday I emptied out a wicker trunk in the back bedroom and sorted through the contents. I'll take the yarn to my friend Caroline who knows a senior center that needs yarn for their afghan projects. I kept some of the trunk contents. I offered a family member the rest of the contents and the trunk.

From there, I moved on to a bigger, metal trunk next to the bed in the same room. Cloth! Cloth! and more cloth!

I sorted through the cloth. Saved out the bits I wanted to keep. Trimmed up the gangly edges of leftover bits from previous shirts, dresses, skirts and other what-not sewing projects.

I will be recycling a large pile of scraps at the curb next week. Alas, if only I had the time to play with my handmade paper makings. These fabric shreds would be perfect for mixing in with the pulp goop to create some interesting effects.

After trimming everything up, I stacked the now-neatly-folded pieces into piles. I sent this picture off to the family member who's getting the wicker trunk and asked, "Interested?"

Posted by Hello   The stuff on the left side of the bench are chunks of cloth, "folds" -- as they say in the fabric biz, pieces of cut cloth large enough for real sewing projects. Various colors and types. Some flag motif. One Christmas. Solids. Stripes. &c.

The box on the bench has smaller scraps of cloth. Useful, perhaps, for making doll clothes or something. I'd give them to my aunt for her quilting projects but they aren't all quilting sorts of cloths. The box on the floor is larger pieces of cloth, but not so large as the ones to the left of the bench.

... and that's what I've been up to. Fun, eh? Multiple trunks to go ...

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