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Monday, February 07, 2005

Moody Monday mood: Anxious

It's a long ways up ... and a long ways down. Posted by Hello

Moody Monday's mood: Anxious.

1. Uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event or matter; worried.
2. Attended with, showing, or causing anxiety: spent an anxious night waiting for the test results.
3. Usage Problem. Eagerly or earnestly desirous.

This shot was taken at one of the higher tree platforms along Explorama's canopy walkway. The walkway is strung up to 115' above the ground and goes from tree platform to tree platform (a total of fourteen tree tops) for a total "walk" over a third of a mile in the Amazon jungle.

I probably would've been okay, well, more okay, if I'd been able to walk my section by myself, but we each were paired with a partner so the trek wouldn't take all day. His nibs and I were paired and we'd start off from each tree fine and then ... the walkway would start to sway from our walking and pretty soon I'd be thinking of the Tacoma Narrows disaster. I'd reach the next platform and calm my nerves then set off again.

Didn't help that staff told us to make sure we didn't have DEET on our hands as they'd found that DEET rots the supporting nylon ropes and ...

Anxious? You bet.

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