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Friday, February 11, 2005

Tom Sawyer would've been proud

Received from Patattenboerken:

FusionPHP.NET Online Again!!!

Visit us today, fullfilling your PHP needs!!!

Our website was having technical difficulties last week when I first emailed you, so I'm sending this again.


We have the BEST free php news script in the world.

Please spread the word about our website and our scripts!!! Forward this email to 250 people and we'll pay you $5.00 US dollars via paypal.

Note: The paypal payment still stands, please provide us with proof you have forwarded the email to 250 people and include your paypal email address where we can send the money!!!

Thank you,

No, fusionphp wouldn't spam. Heaven forefend. fusionphp doesn't want to be TOS'd. fusionphp would like to encourage all their friends and buddies to spam for them and they are willing to pay others $5 each to spam.

Believe you'd get $5 from them if you spammed 250 others? Call me doubtful.

... and where did they get my address to start with?

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