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Saturday, July 15, 2006

allconsuming.net and how the world turns

Back when I wrote about allconsuming.net. At that time allconsuming.net was "a website that watches weblogs for books that they're talking about, and displays the most popular ones on an hourly basis." In addition, you could pop a title into AllConsuming.net and find the blogs that have referenced it. That bit of code was pretty interesting. Enter /pride and prejudice/ and the site hared off to see what titles matched /pride and prejudice/ at Amazon. Taking those titles, AllConsuming checked the blogs it covered for references.

No more. Now allconsuming.net is yet another social network where you can

1 - Catalog your books, music, movies, meals and more.
2 - Get suggestions on what to read, watch or eat from people who share your tastes.
3 - Share your excitement about a great book, album, movie, meal, or gadget.

Talk about all the stuff you've read or eaten or watched. Note whether you'd recommend (or not recommend) something you've consumed to others. Keep a list of things that you'd like to consume in the future. Ask others for suggestions.

What had been an interesting app back two years ago is now bleh.

Oh, well.

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