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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Carmen Sandiego

Update: Disabled the map 'cause the blog was just spinning and spinning, looking for the image.

First seen at Lily's, then at um. Kos', elsewhere.

Here's a nifty tool that creates a visited countries map. Click on countries you've been to and the tool creates a world map that shows where you've been and not been.

Unfortunately, there's no saying how much you've seen of a place. For me, India and Thailand were only airplane stops on my way somewhere else. Australia was an emergency stopover in Sydney thanks to a flaky Garuda aircraft. I didn't claim Uruguay although my passport's stamped. The passport control is on the Argentinian side of the Rio Plata and a storm kicked up and halted ferry transport for over a day. With our schedule, we couldn't manage to rearrange the trip.

Some glaring ommissions, eh? Australia and New Zealand, I'd really like to see. I'd like to see India. Huge place. Variety of people and places to see. We were booked for a trip in Sri Lanka a couple years back, but it was cancelled when things started heating up. Now things are heating up some more. I'd love to see Sri Lanka. Ireland. So many places. And there are places I'd love to go back to. So much of Canada I haven't seen. So much of the States. Never been to Alaska. Yet. The younger sprog is up there right now, working in the parks, building trails for the summer. He's having a blast. Some day.


I have seen the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, and the Permian Basin Oil Museum in Midland, TX.

The map's a kind of fun way of seeing where you haven't been and where you might want to go next. This fall we're back to China again with a foray into Pakistan. Next summer Japan.

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