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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I can't remember. ...

Did I mention that I won a lifetime membership to Library Thing in a contest Rosina Lippi ran on her blog?

I didn't? Well, I did. I am so pumped. There was a mixup in the process and my lifetime membership didn't show up, but after I dropped a note to Rosina recently, she resolved the problem.

I am now the proud proprietess of a lifetime LibraryThing.

Go look at what I've got.

When I'll find time to put the 10s of Ks of books I have into the system, I don't know, but just the possibilities have given me a much needed bliss fix.

Annual membership is $10. Lifetime membership is $25. The app is soooo cool.

I may have a separate post on it later. 'til then, go check it out on your own.

Thank you, Rosina!

Heaps! Mountains!

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