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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

[URL][WRITING] TileZ: Book trends, data, and insight ... easy, fast, affordable

TileZ is still in beta and FREE! but plans to start charging a teensy weensy tiny almost infinitesimal price once they go live.

Here is their description:

TitleZ provides:

* Data: Instantly retrieve historic and current sales rankings from Amazon and create printable reports with 7-, 30-, 90-day and lifetime averages
* Trends: Easily see how topics or titles perform over time; measure the competition; understand what's hot
* Insight: Improve decision-making; know what to publish and when

How it works:

"TitleZ makes it easy to see how a book or group of books has performed over time, relative to other books on the market. Simply enter a search phrase, book title, or author, and TitleZ returns a comprehensive listing of books from Amazon along with our historical sales rank data."

Info is ripped from amazon.com data.

Sounds boring and marketing and all, doesn't it?

But NO! TileZ is where you can compare how your book is doing against how your archenemy's book is doing and it's where you can peek and see where your ex-husband's latest book is ranked on Amazon -- 2,678,954 hahahahaha.

Here's your chance. It's free! Did I mention?

Register and tap in.

Search: Keyword Title Author Publisher
Let's pop in Po Bronson, our local boy who showed up in an article I was reading today. His oeuvre includes

What Should I Do With My Life (pub Dec 2003) ranked 4,799.
Why Do I Love These People (pub Nov 2005) ranked 22,363
Bombardiers (pub Mar 1996) ranked 246,242
The Nudist on the Late Shift (which is in the driver's side pocket of my Mini Cooper for when I get stuck somewhere and need something entertaining to read) ranked 394,549


I popped in Sue Hough's name (Susan E. Hough) because she has her entertaining book about Richter coming out in five months or so, but the only item listed is "Writing on the walls."(Macroscope; petroglyphs): An article from: American Scientist which was published in July 2004. The article is available for $5.95, TileZ sez, and is ranked 3,696,548.

What happened to Sue's books?

So I popped /hough/ into the app and found out that Sue is listed as "Susan Elizabeth Hough".


So I popped /susan elizabeth hough/ in and pulled up her records with all four books she currently has in the running.

EARTHSHAKING SCIENCE (pub Mar 2004) is doing best with a rank of 155,458, but her Richter book (est Dec 2006) is not doing so shabby at 619,160.


Pop in some author names, titles you know. Click on the green arrow next to the name and you'll get a sales rank history including best rank, worst rank, 7-day average, 30-day average, 90-day average, lifetime average, with a line graph showing ranking and everything.

Save your searches to return at a later date with MyTitleZ.

Compare titles.

I popped /diet/ in as a key word and then asked to compare the top five sales-ranked titles. Here's the result. (I think you'll need to be registered and logged in to see results.)

Fun! Go!


[found the link at Joe Wikert's blog]

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