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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Holidays are coming or maybe someone special's bday is just around the corner...


PJ Parks would like everyone to know that she has the perfect gift for someone who has impossibly high standards or who is difficult to buy for or who is just a giant softy or who could buy anything they wanted if they only knew what it was or who is in need of some home cooking or who is need of some warm fuzzies or who needs some downhome talking to about relaxing for a bit and making some memories and enjoying family.

That's right. Buy that special someone a copy of Welcome Home: Recipes, Memories, and Traditions from the Heart a memoir/cookbook/survival manual written by our PJ.

Sound like you might know someone Welcome Home would be perfect for? Buy one! Buy two and give one to Grandma. Get a third and give it to your new college graduate who is allzasudden out on her own and calling home at inopportune times, asking how to make oven pancakes.

Click on that photo -- right now -- and order a copy or two or three ...

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