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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm drawn to that further shore

Don sez (in comments), I'm drawn to that further shore, and wish for a mule team, some guides and companions and about six months free time.

You would've loved his nibs' great great aunt Burta, who roamed the world until she was booked on the return (US->) of the Titanic and decided ghod was telling her not to wander again.

Burta roamed through Afghanistan with a bunch of guys packing along her long black dresses and a tea pot back in the late 1800s. She went to Greece, Italy, China, Japan, dug relics in Pompeii, and found herself a place wherever she roamed.

I wish I'd known her.

We have her photos and a few things she brought back. The pater familias' much younger second wife got the stuff -- including most of the stuff Aunt Burta had brought back with her -- and the bulk of the estate, so we must be content with what we have.

We have the pics and a role model.

Man, I wish I'd known her.

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