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Friday, October 20, 2006

OpenSecrets.org and the California District 11: 2006 Race

California District 11: 2006 Race .

OpenSecrets.org is an interesting Web site. By serendipiticity, I found that the Mashpee (MA) Wampanoag Tribal Council donated $12K to Richard Pombo's re-election campaign.

Swell of them.

(A cousin once told me that a Wampanoag ancestor stood on the Massachusetts shoreline to welcome the Mayflower ancestor back when. The Mayflower ancestor I'm pretty sure of. The Wampanoag? Not so sure. ...)

If you're curious what highest Pombo donor (checking in at $24,300) AG Spanos Companies is when they have their working clothes on, I looked it up for you.

This morning's prowl through donorland and election finance sites started because I was curious which of this season's campaigns and candidates my neighbors were supporting financially -- who? what? how much? Alas, fundrace.org, which proved so entertaining (and informative!) two years ago doesn't have any information re the 2006 elections.

If anyone knows of a site as cool as fundrace.org that gives donor information for the 2006 fall campaigns, shoot the URL my way. Thx.

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