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Friday, December 15, 2006

A happy birthday to the uncle who used to take me fishing

... and who shares a birthday with his nibs.

We celebrated with a wild night ... home.

Baked kabocha squash filled with butter/brown sugar/nutmeg.

Spiced lamb sausages from Little City Meats on Stockton with grilled onions, egg noodles.

Dessert was (for the birthday boy -- by request) baked Granny Smith apple stuffed with butter/brown sugar/nutmeg, served warm with French vanilla ice cream and (for moi) French vanilla ice cream with a splash of (non-vintage ... not the Dow '83 sitting on the kitchen counter! not the Dow '83!) port.


We had a very nice birthday.

We hope the uncle who used to take me fishing (and his paramour) did as well.

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