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Friday, December 15, 2006

Today's the day for hooks at Miss Snark's Crapometer

Miss Snark is opening up the Crapometer for the fourth time in history today.

Today's grist to be analyzed for crap-or-not (hence the exercise's name: Crapometer) is 250-wd hooks for your latest agnum mopus.

Miss Snark will critique all submitted 250-wd-or-less hooks on the blog in upcoming days. If she likes your hook, she'll ask for a 750-wd pitch, which she will also critique on the blog.

Rules and regs

MUY IMPORTANTE: The Crapometer opens today (Friday) at 8 pm EST. You have twelve hours to send in your hook. Crapometer closes promptly at 8 am EST Saturday.

NOTE ALSO MUY IMPORTANTE: Miss Snark is verrrry particular about word count. She doesn't mind you sending in 10 words if the max allowed is 250, but if you send in 260, you won't get a critique. Miss Snark uses Word to count the words.

Have at it.

Even if you don't submit a hook for critique, read the blog in the upcoming days for an education in how-to-write-hooks.

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