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Sunday, December 03, 2006

[LOWPAY MKT] Dragons, Knights, and Angels Magazine

Dragons, Knights, and Angels: the magazine of Christian fantasy and science fiction

submission guidelines

In 1999, Rebecca Shelley founded the Dragons, Knights, & Angels (DKA) magazine on the idea that the power of God is the greatest magic of all, and that idea remains at the core of our mission. We are not at all interested in stories that preach, tear down, or indict. Rather, we look for stories and poems that build up the reader and give them opportunity to be better for having read them.

Stories and poems submitted to DKA for publication will be examined first on their merit as works of sci-fi / fantasy / poetry. Works submitted to DKA will also be examined as to how well they entertain, uplift, and enlighten.

DKA is open to edgy stories that explore the fullness of life. However, sexual content, profanity, and other elements that would be considered offensive to the general Christian community must be handled with great care and be essential to the story. Profanity can almost always be omitted, suggested, or implied. Sexual content can almost always be removed or referred to, rather than explicitly stated.

Needs: Fiction and poetry
Prefers <5K wds but will consider works up to 7K wds.

PAYS: $10 for short stories (<1500 wds)
$ 5 for flash fiction (<1500 wds)
$ 5 for poetry

by check or PayPal

Pays on acceptance for one time electronic rights. (... as well as archival rights). No simultaneous submissions.

[hattip to Rebecca Luella Miller]

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