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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some photos of the tree.

Some photos of the tree. Such as they are. Click Rudolph's nose for entry to the gallery.

I'll try again with a tripod tonight or tomorrow to see if I can get some sharper images. If the pictures turn out better, I'll just update the gallery and tack a note up to that effect.

The tree, obviously, is not one of those elegant, symmetrical, sophisticated, balanced, artistic, themed trees but rather a tree with a motley collection of decorations accumulated over the years.

We boxed up several large boxes of decorations and a spare tree stand for the folks at NBC this year for their tree, but still had enough for several more trees in addition to the one we have.

Maybe next year I'll be ready to give even more away. Or not. The ones we have have so many memories attached to them, and I keep buying just a few new ones each year. The kids won't need to squabble over who gets the Christmas decorations after we settle in for our dirt naps. Each will inherit enough! for a tree! or two!

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