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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vienna Teng

I was checking to see if Vienna Teng was going to be back in town for the holidays. A brief profile of her in the Examiner this morning made me think of it.

VT comes from that fair ville to the south of here where the younger, younger guys grew up. She graduated from the HS a couple few years ahead of the older younger guy, graduated from Stanford with a computer science degree, worked for Cisco and worked on her music while she was at Cisco, quit Cisco for her music, now lives here in the city, when she's not elsewhere for her music.

The younger younger guy has been a fan of hers for a long time and gave me one of her CDs years back and said, listen to this, mom ...

The Examiner, POS that it can be archive-wise since the ownership change, of course doesn't have a link to the article in this morning's paper for me to send on to the younger younger guy.

Home for the holidays, VT will be playing at the Independent, Dec 22-23. $20/. We went to her show at the Independent last December, on the eve of his nibs' bday. The date's a bit later, but ... maybe this year too.

If you don't know Vienna Teng and the music she makes, click some of the music clips she has up at myspace.com.

Gee those CDs would make excellent holiday presents, wouldn't they?

Searching Google with her Vienna Teng moniker and the one she was born with, I found this click to the Houston Chronicle for the article that was in today's Examiner. Funny thing, that.

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