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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

[BLOG] Gastronomie

Out and about today, we were heading down Townsend and noticed DISTRICT.

"Have you heard of DISTRICT?" I asked his nibs.

"No," he replied. "Must be new."

Bar? Restaurant? I'd never heard of it and even if it is brand spanking new, there should've been some peep in someone's "here's what's coming up" column. We're talking SOMA, here. We're talking the clubbing, see-and-be-seen set.

His nibs checked Zagat, and the place turns out to be a wine bar with bar food/tapas/small plates. He was searching for DISTRICT's Web site but a search for /"san francisco" "district restaurant"/ kept bringing up hits for "xyz, a Mission District restaurant" and the like.

I tried /"san francisco" district winebar restaurant/ and BINGO!

I found a most excellent review at Gastronomie, a foodie blog (subtitle, "culinary adventures in San Francisco & beyond") which comes at you with detail and a straightforward, "here's what I thought" style.

Go read Gastronomie, Fatemeh's blog, and tell me what you think. (That I agree with her wholeheartedly about Globe -- we've stopped off there twice in the last month or two, on our way home from some other event -- has a smidgen to do with it, but not much.)

Gastronomie's review of DISTRICT
DISTRICT's Web site [Caution: hip music!]

I love reading words written by people who can write well about the places they go and the foods they eat.

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