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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next?

Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our database of real readers'
favourite books (over 32,000 and growing) to suggest what you could read next.


Enter title and/or author

Enter title: The End of Mr. Y
[click] What Should I Read Next?

App comes back
Did you mean:
The End of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas

Click the title above if correct, or amend the details below

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The Carpathians - Janet Frame See Amazon UK | US
My Life as Emperor - Su Tong See Amazon UK | US
Charades - Janette Turner Hospital See Amazon UK | US
The Pig Who Sang to the Moon - Jeffrey Masson See Amazon UK | US
The Gourmet Club: A Sextet - Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, Anthony Chambers, Paul McCarthy See Amazon UK | US
The Secret World of Og - Pierre Berton See Amazon UK | US
Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust - Charles Patterson See Amazon UK | US
Quicksand - Jun'ichiro Tanizaki See Amazon UK | US
Tales of Hoffmann - E. T. A Hoffmann See Amazon UK | US
The Collected Stories of Frank O'Connor - Frank O'Connor See Amazon UK | US

more results ...

Interesting app. And, yes, Scarlett Thomas' other books do not pop up in that first list of suggestions.

Register if you'd like to be part of this Web2.0 app. Site money stream seems to come from those Amazon click-throughs.

[caution: The response time can be a bit slow.]

[mentioned in a post from the Project Wombat list.]

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