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Monday, May 14, 2007

[PAY MKT] South Florida Parenting

Writers' guidelines for South Florida Parenting.

Most South Florida Parenting articles are purchased from freelance writers. In a typical issue, readers will find a variety of regular departments: Out & About, Baby Basics, Preteen Power, Family Money, Family Health and more. We also run feature articles of 800-2,000 words on topics of pertinence to South Florida parents. Features require careful research, independent reporting and well-developed interviews with South Florida sources.

Our focus is on our three-county market and we prefer features that use sources and settings in South Florida. Assignments, when given, go almost exclusively to writers who live in southeast Florida. However, we do consider insightful, captivating essays and features from outside our area, particularly those that deal with universal themes and issues. All stories must include clearly identified, real sources. Articles or essays that use only first names, composites or fictional examples will not be considered.

We welcome your submission of material previously published outside South Florida, if offered to us on an exclusive basis in southeast Florida. No submissions or queries that are offered to other publications in southeast Florida will ever be considered. We do not buy work from writers who are published by our competitors. For reprint offers, send either typed manuscripts or clips and let us know where the material appeared.

E-sub only.
$150-$300 for first publication
$30-$50 for reprints, including online rights.
You *must* not submit work to any other publications in South Florida.

(n.b. The wording is weird: do they mean must not submit *this* piece of work or *any* piece of work? ... If you're interested in the market, might behoove you to check ...)

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