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Friday, May 18, 2007

[PAY MKT] Chronogram

Writers' Guidelines

Chronogram is a regional magazine of arts, lifestyle, politics, environmental issues, holistic health and culture published monthly. Chronogram is an outlet for reportage and point of view that are not often found in the mainstream media. We like to think of ourselves as "progressive" in the broadest sense: We believe that an enlightened, democratic society is attainable as long as citizens-our readers a small group among them-are informed with reliable information. Our writers write the critiques, praises, philosophizings and personal anecdotes that provide the detail to the larger picture, the colors to the outline (often coloring outside the lines).The editor's ears are always open for new voices and all story ideas are invited for pitching. Chronogram welcomes all voicesand viewpoints as long as they are expressed well. We discriminate solely based on the quality of the writing, nothing else. The length of articles we usually run are from 1000-3500 words.

PAYS: on a sliding scale. No kill fees.

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