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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ah. The Web's a Wonder.

"Towse" isn't exactly the most common last name in the States (more like 77,020th most popular last name (surname) in the United States [ref: http://www.placesnamed.com/t/o/towse.asp]), so I don't get too many wrong e-mails addressed to a different s.towse, but Miller is a different story.

kmiller claims that Miller is the seventh-most popular surname in the States. (which placesnamed.com confirms)

Nearly five out of ever 100 people is a miller.

[actually 0.424%: k.miller didn't grok the difference between percentile (4.660) and percentage. ref: http://www.placesnamed.com/m/i/miller.asp]

the census doesn't calculate how many of those millers have a first name starting with "k," but i think it's safe to go with "a lot." maybe even, "a shitload." i should know: i get their email.

So, k.miller started a blog called WRONGKMILLER.com: there are lots of k.millers in the world. i get their gmail.

Entertaining, but then I'm easily amuzed.

[via a link at passive-aggressive notes]

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