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Friday, October 26, 2007

Alas. Zee Passage ees gone, vamoose.

Driving back from the dump/Costco/TraderJoe's fieldtrip on Tuesday, we noticed that Passage, the wonderful sculpture by Dan DasMann and Karen Cusolito, was being loaded onto a flatbed truck out in front of Pier 14.

Alas. Sorry to see Passage go, but moderately happy that at least we were able to enjoy the art piece for over four almost three times longer than the six-month installation that was originally planned.

July 2006 blogpost w/ pics. For pics only, just click on the pic above.

Update: and FINALLY! I stumbled across a photograph of the work as it was originally installed at Burning Man (while I was trying to determine whether the title was Passages or Passage) and had one of those aha! moments. Now, I get the title. ...

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