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Monday, January 24, 2005

Boats! Boats!

We live where we live because his nibs likes to watch boats! boats!

The Pirate made a HaloScan comment a while back about the awesome sight of huge merchant ships gliding by. Some pictures (taken yesterday) might be in order.

This container ship was the most impressive to sail by the bottom of our hill yesterday. Note the containers. Stacked seven high. The Coast Guard helicopter is paying a vist.

The ship sails on under the Bay Bridge where it will hang a left (hang a port?) and make its drop at Oakland, which can handle container ships while our fair city cannot.

Long story why.

Foggy this weekend. Far foggier in the Central Valley than here. We couldn't see across the Bay. Folks in the Tule fog couldn't see five feet in front of them.

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Update:Changed outline color on pics to make it more obvious that a click would pull up a larger pic.

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