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Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday Blog Pick: Molly Wizenberg 's Orangette

I came across Molly Wizenberg's Orangette from a link in a post in eGullet, one of my favorite foodie hants.

How could I not like a blog with the Julia Child quote in the header, "Life itself is the proper binge."?

Orangette writes well about subjects I like to read about. She gets the Friday Pick this week, though, because above and beyond her paeans to biscuits and her esteemed position (just discovered!) as one of five finalists for the "Best Food Blog—Writing" section of the 2004 Food Blog Awards, I was knocked over by her tribute last month to Burg, her dad, on the second anniversary of his death.

Sometimes foodie writing seems way easy. You describe the juices roiling out of the blood-rare beef or the wafts of sugar scents when you cut the crust of the Grand Marnier souffle in preparation for pouring the sauce in a slathering mass inside and over and around the concoction.

Setting her food writing aside and writing about Burg, Molly shows that she is an incredible writer. And her dad was an incredible guy.

Check out this blog.

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