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Monday, January 24, 2005

Wine on the hoof or Have I mentioned Picasa2?

Wine on the hoof.
Piemonte, ITALY Sep2002

I am having such a good time fiddling with old photos using Picasa2. I have always (conscientious person that I am) kept the photo originals in a separate file before I Photoshop'd or otherwise manipulated the image.

I still do.

But Photoshop is Photoshop and Picasa is a much simpler tool when you don't want to get into the bits and the multiple layers and all. Try the "I'm feeling lucky" click, or throw in some fill light for a dark photo. This tool is amazing, no lie. The image above had a simple "sharpen" effect added to it, f'rex.

So, as I'm tooling through the images I happen to have on my hard drive, and considering scanning in images of days long past, I just have to say ... I am having so gol durn much fun -- not just fiddling with images (lighten! sharpen! fiddle the color! feel lucky!) but reminiscing about days of yore.

The photos on the blog, btw, for the entries labeled "departure" and "shadow" are from an annual weekend we spend at Bixby Creek ... those images are from 2002. Coinkadinkly, one half of the host couple was showing a family member what a blog was by using this blog and dropped me a note about the serendipity of showing off blogs by choosing mine and there were pictures! from the annual Bixby Creek weekend!

Some day (some day), I will have photos available online from all those Bixby Creek weekends, dating back to something like 1987. Picasa will help me do so.

Better than slide shows of yesteryear!

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