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Friday, January 07, 2005


The page of blog posts was getting too long for my aesthetic sensibilities, what with going on and on in the foodie bits and elsewhere.

For those into noticing, I've made two changes:

(1) I'm now showing the last ten posts on the page, not the last ten days or whatever it was I had it set to before.

(2) I've used the blogger hack for expandable posts to keep my super-long posts from taking over the whole block of real estate. To test the hack and make sure it worked, I added the hackish "fullpost" code to the Sam's Grill and The House foodie posts.

For those who are really paying attention, I modified the hack slightly. I don't have the MainOrArchivePage "Read more!" embedded in my $BlogItemBody. I didn't like the fact that every blog entry would have the "Read more!" link, even if there was nothing more to read.

Instead, I opted to add a [Click permalink for full post] note before the class="fullpost" span/span code. If you click the permalink to read the full post, that [Click permalink for full post] note will show up partway through the full post, but I decided that was better than having the Read more! link everywhere.

Now, I'm going to play with a trick that I think will get the [Click permalink for full post] note out of the full-post pages.

Wish me luck!


1) The trick didn't work, so I made the [Click permalink for full post] note a smaller font and faded gray, so that at least it's more obvious that it's what it is. (Which is what, Sal? you ask ...)

2) I added [FOOD] to the title lines for the musings on The House and Sam's. I'd forgotten, until I went back through my archives, that I'd intended to label the foodie posts so I could easily find them again.

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