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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Starting the year off

We went to the sixtieth bday party for a friend New Year's Eve at their smashing new home.

Should you be curious, herewith a camera phone photo of mein host and one with his lovely daughter. What a neat person she is.

After dinner and dancing and more, we stumbled back to Dale in the wee hours of the morning. The youngest nib was using Hill as a party pad for New Year's Eve. ("Just a few friends, Mom. I couldn't invite more because they wouldn't've been able to find a place to park.")

I spent Saturday finishing up the February column on moblogs and such and also spent time sorting through piles of clothes, bundling up seven large bags of clothes which I took to the Goodwill yesterday. His nibs took down the Christmas tree: I packed up the creche. This is the first year in since forever that we took down the tree before Epiphany. Funny, the garbage folk don't seem to know about Epiphany and have their "tree pickup" days the first week in January.

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