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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More iguanas

Because A. liked the earlier photo so much, I uploaded a batch more to flickr. Click on the iguana to get to my photoset. All the photos uploaded today were taken 20 Dec 2004 in Seminary Park in Guayaquil, EC.

The park is commonly known as Iguana Park. The park folk take care of the iguanas and clean up after them and feed them when the tourists with green leafy bits in their hands don't bring enough. Everyone around knows that if you have an iguana that you can't take care of any more, you can take it to the park and add it to the family there.

Caution walking under the tree limbs! Piss and poop happens.

Eventually, I'll have photos of land iguanas out on the islands, but for now Seminary Park will do.

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