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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1-Click Answers ... sponsored links

Looked up struldbrug with my handy-dandy 1-Click Answers and got some entertaining sponsored links:

[struldbrug -- for those who don't know and really don't want to check right now -- is "The appellation given to the immortals in Gulliver's Travels who were incapable of dying but continued to exist in a state of miserable decrepitude, regarded as legally dead, and receiving a small pittance from the state -- hence in allusive uses." according to 1-Click Answers, which borrowed the definition from Michael A. Fischer's Worthless Word For The Day]

The links:

Cirugia Plastica
Cirugía Plástica en Argentina a precios bajos. Excelencia médica.

Low price plastic surgery. Yay!

Fotos De Descuidos
Buy Fotos De Descuidos on eBay Fotos De Descuidos for sale!

Photos of negligences? ?

Dr Jorge Vergara Rodgers
Tecnologia Dental Avanzada Odontología Láser Sin Dolor

I like dentists who are sin dolor.

8¢ Photos, No Minimum
Wholesale Professional Printing Lab Studio, Wedding, Poster, Ad Prints

pictures. OK.

Tienda de Diego Maradona
Tenemos jerseys, camisetas y otros productos de Diego Maradona.

I'm not quite sure why a struldbrug might be interested in a Diego Maradona jersey. I'd be more interested in piccies of certain hunky Argentine polo players.

Why are so many of the links en español?

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