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Saturday, January 13, 2007

[URL] WikiLeaks

How to leak a secret and not get caught - WikiLeaks from New Scientist Tech, 12 Jan 2007.


Good? Worthwhile?

Wikileaks opens leaked documents up to a much more exacting scrutiny than any media organization or intelligence agency could provide. Wikileaks will provide a forum for the entire global community to examine any document for credibility, plausibility, veracity and falsifiability. They will be able to interpret documents and explain their relevance to the public. If a document comes from the Chinese government, the entire Chinese dissident community can freely scrutinize and discuss it; if a document arrives from Iran, the entire Farsi community can analyze it and put it in context.

I give it a month before WikiLeaks is either so full of garbage as to be useless or the able meta monitors start shutting down "undesirable" wiks and creating WikiLeaks' own form of censorship.

(Cool logo, though ...)

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